We’re looking for great local help or hard workers looking to escape the city heat for the summer.

Staff lodging may be available in safari tents & camper trailer RVs.

Positions available:

  • Store Manager
  • Cooks
  • Food Counter
  • Housekeepers

Free private housing and shift meals at a remarkably beautiful campground on Northwest Harbor in East Hampton, NY.   Love Cedar Point Inc. is seeking a Camp Store Manager, Store/Food Counter Clerks, Housekeepers, Bartenders and Cooks for our location at the 607 acre Cedar Point County Park and campground.  Most positions will be cross trained and it is expected for staff to assist in all areas of operation.   2022 was the first year the camp store has been open in over 6 years.   Most days are low key but business will continue to grow as we become more established.   Weekends, especially holiday ones, can be busy.  Our operating season starts Memorial Day weekend and ends on Columbus Day.   At least two days off will be provided for full time staff but there may be times when coming in on  days off may be required such as holiday weeks.  Having a vehicle is helpful but not essential.  We are looking for enthusiastic, responsible and drama-free candidates interested in providing great visitor service, helping us grow, and hopefully returning year after year.

Campstore Manager. 

Is responsible for all aspects of our operations at Cedar Point including but not limited to:

  1. Managing bookings and customer service for our safari tent glamping (currently 12 tents hoping to expand to 18 for 2023).
  2. Managing and helping with the turning over of tents between reservations.
  3. Managing check-ins.
  4. Managing, training, and scheduling housekeeping and store staff.
  5. Ordering retail inventory for the camp store.
  6. Overseeing inventory deliveries including linen service pick-up and drop-off.
  7. Opening and Closing procedures for the store.
  8. Managing the cashier for both retail and food orders.
  9. Overseeing our weekly movie night, camp fires and other fun activities.
  10. Managing and Preparing beverages such as coffee
  11. Coordinating food orders with cooks.
  12. Keeping the camp store and outside areas clean and sanitary including checking dates on kitchen food and retail food for sale in display coolers.
  13. Having or completing the food manager’s safety course valid in Suffolk County.

Cooks and Bartenders.

The camp store has an indoor kitchen with a flat top and 4 burner range for a breakfast and lunch menu.  We hope to have our addition on the back of the store overlooking the harbor completed by July.  The addition will have a covered patio and bar with a wood fired pizza oven kitchen.  The ideal candidates for our cook positions will be talented and have Wood-fired pizza and grill experience.  They will be required to execute simple menus by themselves.   We plan to run the indoor kitchen for breakfast most days of the week and lunch weekdays.    The outdoor pizza kitchen and bar will serve lunch and dinner Friday through Sunday at this time.   We are interested in a lead cook or kitchen manager who will have or complete the Suffolk County food manager’s safety course, help with menus and ordering, and maintain food safety.   Food safety will always be a top priority and vital for our success.  Bartenders are required to complete TIPS training, mix a very simple but outstanding bar menu, and keep a friendly, clean and sanitary station. 

Food & Retail Counter and Housekeeping.

Generally these positions will be cross trained to assist where needed and include the following responsibilities:

  1. Prepare coffee and other hot or cold beverages.
  2. Ring up sales and orders at the counter.
  3. Scoop ice cream.
  4. Bring food orders to patrons.
  5. Keep clean work stations.
  6. Answering phone and online glamping inquiries.
  7. Turn over lodging units between reservations (clean inside tents and change bedding).
  8. Assist with Glamping Check-in.
  9. Assist with the camp store campfire.
  10. Assist with the weekend movie night.
  11. Asist wherever help is needed.

If you’re looking for a permanent seasonal home and growing with an awesome company look no further.  Hot Heads, drug users and raging alcoholics need NOT apply.  Priority will be given to working couples for housing, particularly.  If interested please email your resume to jobs at lovecedarpt dot com or click here to apply on Indeed.